By placing bids on this website, you agree to pay your final bid price plus the ten percent buyers fee which will be added to your final winning bid to become the final sale price, and that you understand in full Auction Associates, Inc. online bidding terms and conditions and those listed on this site and ALL BIDS ARE SUBJECT TO FINAL APPROVAL of the trustee.

There is a 10 (ten) % BUYER'S FEE that will be added to your final winning bid to become the final bid price!!!  If you are a Wisconsin Resident, State and County sales tax applies to your purchases, unless you are tax exempt and provide Auction Associates, Inc. with your State issued seller's permit/tax ID number.   WISCONSIN LAW, REQUIRES US TO COLLECT SALES TAX ON ALL ITEMS, the county you register the vehicle in, appropriate sales tax will be added to your final price, unless a exempted certificate is provided that applies to your purchase.   The buyer will be charged a 10.00 per day storage fee by the OCONTO YACHT CLUB from the time the winning bid is approved till the boat is removed and must be paid befor it removed. 

Each item in the auction is being sold “AS IS WHERE IS”, without warranty or guarantee of any kind, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose." The condition of this item is "UNKNOWN", and there will be no returns or exchanges and if the Buyer leaves any items they do so at their own risk.

Seller must have court approval for sale once the final winning bid is placed. 

Payment will be made to Auction Associates Inc.   You will make payment by cash/currency, bank wire transfers, within 5 business day after your bid has been accepted by the Trustee. PERSONAL AND BUSINESS CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT. Wire Transfer information will be provided to the buyer.  The AUTO EXTEND feature applies to all online auctions. If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction it will be extended 5 additional minutes from the time of the last bid, to prevent last minute snipe bids. 

The item must be picked up and removed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE once your bid has been approved by the Trustee.  Ther will be a $10.00 per day storage fee for the boat payable to the Oconto Yacht Club 1781 Yacht Club Rd, Oconto, WI 54153 phone 920-834-9960, they also have sling hoist available at $100.00 per lift.   Once payment has been made the item may be picked by appointment, with Auction Associates Inc., please call 920-748-3002 or Tims cell at 920-229-3683. Also, once the sale is approved you should make sure you have the item insured as it is now yours and all responsibility for the item is yours. 

If you are having problems making a bid or with our web site, contact is Tim Sweeney 800-242-0920 or cell 920-229-3683 or email tim@auctionassociates 


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